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Massage Therapists are trained to take care of your skeletal muscles.


The Diploma in Therapeutic Massage covers Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and in depth training in Musculoskeletal Anatomy, including the specific functions and actions of the muscles in your body.


There are 639 named muscles in the human body!

Even though our bodies are all different shapes and sizes they all have the same muscles to do the same jobs.

Skeletal muscles are used to help the body move and also stabilise joints for extra strength and functional support.


Massage Therapists are trained to:

  • detect muscle fibre directions

  • locate tense areas in muscles

  • assess any restriction of movement in a muscle

  • asses any restriction of movement in a joint due to skeletal muscle impairment


Similar to combing conditioner through the strands of our hair; Massage Therapists 'straighten' constricted muscle fibres.

A variety of techniques are used that will either strengthen or lengthen  the  fibres of an affected muscle. This  allows blood and nutrients to flow freely through and 'feed' the muscle for restoration of full function and movement.


Swedish Aromatherapy body relax massage瑞士香薰精油全身舒缓按摩  (60min)   $98      $580/6 times     $780/10 times


Lymph drainage deep tissue massage香薰精油淋巴排毒 

 (60min)   $128      $650/6 times      $880/10 times



(90min)   $198      $880/6times      $1380/10times


Liquid Soap with small beads in it is distributed through your entire body which cleans, removes dirt and dead skin of your skin to make it smooth, vibrant and hydrating this treatment is very relaxing.


Aromatherapy hot stone body massage 熱石頭全身按摩

(60min)    $128       $650/6times   $880/10times



30min massage (back massage/neck,shoulder massage/hand,foot massage)

30分钟局部按摩,可选背部,肩颈,头,手,足  $69   $350/6times   $490/10times


Back purification treatment 背部深层清洁治疗( 包括背部加热喷雾/去角质/清黑头/体膜)

45min   $128      $600/6 times      $880/10 times


Full body firming treatments  全身纤体疗程 (排毒+爆脂+RF紧肤)  60min  $1380/10times


Belly firming treatments  腹部收紧疗程   30min   $780/10times


G5 Burning treatments 震脂爆脂  30min     $780/10times


RF Firming treatments韩国最新RF全身紧肤    45min    $980/10times


Breast Enhancement  数码丰胸疗程      $880 10次


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