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About us:


Our goal is to help you to feel and function at your best ,by making your health and vitality our priority.

We do this by working with you to recommend a plan that includes and caters to you, the individual, and your own needs.

By offering a combination of services  we ensure  you are getting the best care in one location, by qualified therapists.


 B-Pampered started in 2013. 
Passionate about beauty and wellness.
Having belonged to numerous gyms over her lifetime, The owner started thinking that a "gym for health and beauty" where clients could subscribe to a membership, was a good idea, and one that she herself would choose if given the opportunity, and so the idea for B-pampered was born.
B-pampered offers a variety of services including , massage therapy, spray tanning and beauty therapy.
Although visits are offered on a "pay per visit basis", clients have the option of signing up to an annual membership, and within this membership are able  to choose which of the services they would like to utilise, over the period of a year.
Depending on the membership type, the quantity of visits are capped at a certain level, however once the fees are paid into the club, there are no additional ongoing costs, and as long as booking times are available, club members are free to book in to utilise the facilities as many times as they like within that year, and within the realms of their  membership type.



In addition to this, our club members are offered discounts on additional services that are outsourced, such as styling and photography, and also on our products and supplements.



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